Monday, April 6, 2009

Intel® Core™2 processor family delivers

The Intel® Core™2 processor family delivers unrivaled performance and breakthrough energy efficiency. The Intel® Core™2 processor family are Intel's newest processors, built using 45nm technology with hafnium-infused circuitry which improves performance even further.¹ Just imagine the possibilities
Intel® Core™ i7-965 processor Extreme Edition
The highest performing desktop processor on the planet.¹ Shatter the limits of desktop computing with the intelligent performance of the Intel® Core™ i7-965 processor Extreme Edition, the smartest way to blast through highly-threaded games and applications
Intel Core I7 Processor Extreme Edition
onquer the world of extreme gaming with the fastest processor on the planet: the Intel® Core™ i7 processor Extreme Edition.¹ With faster, intelligent multi-core technology that responds to your workload, it delivers an incredible breakthrough in gaming performance
Intel® Core™ i7 processor
With faster, intelligent multi-core technology that automatically applies processing power where it's needed most, new Intel® Core™ i7 processors deliver an incredible breakthrough in PC performance. They're the best desktop processors on the plane
Intel® Core™2 Extreme processor
For extreme computing. Enjoy revolutionary levels of performance enabling vivid, high-definition experiences and multi-tasking responsiveness from state-of-the-art Intel dual-core and quad-core technologies
Intel® Core™2 Quad processor
Multimedia enthusiasts, prepare to enthuse. Bring quad-core performance to your desktop with the Intel® Core™2 Quad processor. It's the ideal engine for highly threaded entertainment applications and highly productive multitasking
Intel® Core™2 Duo processor
The power to perform. With power-optimized enabled dual-core technology and exceptional energy efficiency, the Intel® Core™2 Duo processor excels running the most intense applications

Intel Board Processors

Intel® desktop processors deliver superb computing power, performance, and reliability at home and at work. Our notebook processors let you work and play in places you never thought possible. Our server and workstation processors provide enhanced scalability, power, and performance for robust multi-processing environments. And our embedded and communications processors combine outstanding performance with scalable, power-efficient processing for a wide range of embedded applications.

Intel Pentium 4 Processor

The Intel® Pentium® 4 Processor is designed to deliver performance across usages—such as image processing, video content creation, games and multimedia—where end-users can truly appreciate the performance. With a PC based on the Intel® Pentium® 4 Processor with HT Technology†, you get advanced performance and multitasking capabilities for today's digital home and digital office applications.
Features Of P4 Computer
Versatility, performance and reliability to meet all your computing needs
Everyone wants something different from their computer—work, play, Internet, music, learning and more. A PC featuring the Intel® Pentium® 4 Processor opens the door to many new experiences. It's as versatile as you are.
Greater performance with Hyper-Threading Technology (HT Technology)
Hyper-threading enables multi-threaded software applications to execute two software threads in parallel, thereby improving system responsiveness. Intel Pentium 4 Processors enabled with HT Technology deliver performance and multitasking gains that result in increased productivity and efficiency
Improved Power Management with Enhanced Intel SpeedStep® Technology
Intel Pentium 4 Processors that are enabled with Enhanced Intel SpeedStep® Technology allow the operating system to adjust the processor clock down when running applications that require less power. Increased power efficiency brings savings.
Scalability and performance with Intel® EM64T
Intel® Extended Memory 64 Technology╬Ž (Intel® EM64T) can improve performance by allowing the system to address more than 4 GB of both virtual and physical memory. Intel EM64T also provides support for 64 bit computing to help handle the applications of tomorrow
Execute Disable Bit° functionality protects your investment
Execute Disable Bit can prevent certain classes of malicious "buffer overflow" attacks when combined with a supporting operating system.